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Company NEWS

1. We release a global strategy --setting country or area cooperation partner.

    We provide SMT,AI,wave-soldering,plug-in components,Products assemble,assemble ,Packing,

    ultrasonic wave...machining. and many models of VoIP products manufacture.

2. We can customize firmware ,Print Name ,logo,packing ...for OEM by ourself  VoIP Terminal.

3. we have establish the
service that we can configure the server by MAC .So if you want to manage all your user terminal at long-distance. so we can do more OEM for you.

4. we are looking for VoIP telecom Cooperater or VoIP hardware Agents in below area: 
North America, South America, Europe,  Australia, southeast Asia,Middle East area
As internuncial Office, so we will provide the alliance for advertisement and client resource.

5. We will take part in Hong Kong Electronic Fair 
Electronics and Components China Sourcing Fair 
Welcome to visit our booth 8J08 at the China Sourcing Fair in AsiaWorld-Expo Hong Kong 
from Apr.12 to 15, 2007.

Company Products News

18.Linksz Ltd Release Android MID Video IP PHONE-D800 Firmware    (2014.04.17)

17.Linksz Ltd Release Multimedia Android MID Video IP PHONE    (2012.03.12)

16.Linksz Ltd Release HD SMART Video IP PHONE    (2011.11.15)

15.Linksz Ltd Release low cost 2 user ip phone    (2011.10.28)

14.Linksz Ltd Release Cross -Network Gateways    (2011.04.28)

13.Linksz Ltd Release GSM VoIP Gateway  (2011.03.05)

12.Linksz Ltd Release WiFi VoIP Phone  (2009.05.08)

11.Linksz Ltd Release new Ver. IP PBX  (2009.04.17)

10.Linksz Ltd Release new firmware for PL3 series VoIP Gateway  (2008.04.20)

9. Linksz Ltd Release new Firmware for PL4 series VoIP Gateway  (2007.06.06)

8. Linksz Ltd Release new Mouse Skype USBPhone---VM-01L  (2007.03.15)

7. Linksz Ltd Release new API Driver for Vista---SkypeMate for USB-P1K//P4K/B2K/B3G/W1D (2007.03.08)

6. Linksz Ltd Release new VoIP Gateway---PL-401  (2006.09.08)

5. Linksz Ltd Release new USB Skype Diverter with FXO port Forward funtion(2006.07.05) 

4. Linksz Ltd Release USB TelBox-ITA(FXO) ,it can be enable you to make and receive Skype by regular phone. It also has some special features such as recording, intelligent communication, call forwarding, voicemail, and contact group (2006.5.17)

3. SkypeMate for MAC OS X and Linux have been issued, the USB-P1K//P4K/B2K/B3G/W1D compatible MAC OS X  adn Linux computer(2005.12.22)

2. Linksz Ltd Release the First USB Phone with Polyphonic Ring Tones in the World (2004.05.24) 

1. Linksz Ltd Release the First VOIP Phone by ourself empolder and production in the World(2002.08.18) 


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